Blockchain platform that rewards you for learning how to code

Carmel is an open source technical education platform that supports experienced and ambitious software developers to develop their proficiency set and follow up their advancement through tokenized peer challenges. It is also known decentralized tech education platform that assists people in acquiring technical skills without a formal knowledge of a computer science degree.


1) It uses a token system: Decentralized applications usually have token(s) that is used within the application. This token may represent ownership of the platform or in some cases may not but they are used for transactions within the platform.

2) It is owned by the community and not a group of individuals or person (the CEO and his team or some few stakeholders).

3) Users are in charge of the ownership of their data and are not sold as commodities as seen in centralized systems. Humans are the customers and not the product.

4) Everyone in this platform has a voice: In decentralized platforms like Carmel everyone has a voice and can lucidly share to the direction and decision making that the platform will follow.

5) It uses a blockchain which has a more secure and authentic system of data storage.


Carmel is literally meant for everyone but a few will be listed below;

1) Teachers: The Teachers earn Carmel when they use Carmel to teach their students. They can also purchase Carmel challenges from developers.

2) Recruiter: Recruiters can purchase Carmel Tokens and in turn, use them to sponsor individuals that they wish to hire. In so doing, the recruiter can sponsor the skill that he/she is most interested in.

3) Entrepreneur: The entrepreneur purchases Carmel for requesting quotes.

4) Learners: Carmel is meant for the Student who wants to acquire knowledge on how to code. With Carmel, the students are incentivized to learn. Students receive experience points (XP) whenever they complete a challenge.

5) Developer: Carmel is also meant for developers who have an interest in teaching software programming. The developers contribute to the ecosystem by writing tutorials/challenges and placing the price for those challenges in Carmel tokens. When their tutorials are bought, developers also receive payment in Carmel tokens.

In Carmel, students are teachers and teachers are students, this means when a student has finished a particular task and gained the knowledge, he also becomes a teacher because he can also write his own tutorial and proceed the knowledge to other newer students. Carmel is not only a place for noob coders. It is also a place where developers can advance their skills by accomplishing tasks and setting up tasks for others. This sort of interaction between teachers and student can only aid to foster growth.


Coding provides chances for new career opportunities; for software developers. Software developers were ranked as number one job for 2018. There are somewhat only a handful of blockchain programmers in the world. The blockchain field alone is exploding with ideas and opportunities but the technical talents are limited. Anyone who is a software programmer or that is learning software programming today is a potential hotcake for the industry.

Coding will prepare you for the digital ahead;

There is a lot of unemployed people in the world today and with the rise of automated invention, internet of things, blockchains, robots etc, the rate of unemployment will only increase rapidly. Research by PWC shows off that robots are going to replace 30% of jobs in the UK by the early 2030s and 38% of jobs in the US. People will eventually lose their jobs to robots as companies begin to adopt these new technologies that automate things and reduce human labour and middlemen. This is not entirely a bad thing because technology by its purpose is supposed to make life easy for everyone.

What is the solution then? Put yourself in a position that you would have an advantage. Learn coding, so that you can adequately communicate with the computers and technology of tomorrow and remain relevant in a digital world.


Carmel is an academic tech platform that is going to take an unconventional approach to education. The approach that Carmel uses provides a lot of advantage to its users. Carmel says H > m (This means Humans are greater than machines). The users are the most significant part of the Carmel ecosystem and they are the central attention. Carmel makes use of the following approach in its system.

Self-Directed: Carmel believes that each individual is unique. Individuals have a peculiar interest, desire, need and time. Each learner is, therefore likely going to thread his own unique path. This is very fine and it makes possible that the learning process is focused on the learner and not one obnoxious curriculum that is set on stone.

Peer to peer: Carmel is a peer to peer community in which makes learners become teachers and teacher also a learner. In this platform, different programmers can share their skills in the form of challenges and learn the areas where they are interested or deficient from others.

Story Based: This is one of the most significant features of the Carmel educational method. Each learner is encouraged to keep a journal of their coding experience. This is phenomenal because the learner may look back and read some of those journals and see the life-transforming changes that have occurred in his/her life during the course of time.

Carmel is one of the most significant EOS related dapps because it aids people to achieve software development skills. Most people who would not have cared about learning to code will find it interesting to do so because of the system that Carmel provides and in so doing, they will sharpen themselves for a better digital future. Carmel is going to be one of the largest and fun-filled communities of humans who come together to learn and share.


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