If crypto was not a highly speculative and technical industry, imagine integrating it with the likes of Artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial Intelligence has somewhat received the same amount of recognition too. So by definition, Artificial Intelligence is the creation of machines that will imitate or surpass human capability through problem-solving, speech recognition, mathematical calculation and reprogramming etc. Obviously, machines has beaten us in many situations especially when it comes to industries such as car manufacturing or warehousing, machines are much more very efficient and safer than we are. They are also frighteningly proficiency in many logic-based cases. AlphaGo and it’s self-taught successor AlphaZero are good examples. The digital brainchildren of Google’s DeepMind Artificial Intelligence division in London takes problem solving to a whole new level. AlphaZero is considered to be the best Chess and Go player in the world. It is time to re-evaluate the future when Artificial Intelligence programs have become game masters in their own right.



Google has the all it takes to fund ideas like neural network programs and self driving cars. But the question does it have a governance structure that allows anyone to audit the code for those ideas rises? Well unlikely. The essence of Bitcoin, of course, is in it’s open-source model. Anyone with some programming skill can dig into the code and verify the intentions of the program. Blockchain systems, when very well designed, also incentivize users to contribute to the network and also get rewarded for their efforts. These concerns may not be at the edge of most people’s minds, but in other to avoid the dystopian future shown by thinkers like George Orwell or the Terminator movies, society may want the option to audit Artificial Intelligence soonest. But for now, the public will just have to trust that Google has their best intentions at heart. Fortunately, there are projects out there taking the digital currency route. Let’s take a glance at a few and find out how they intend to integrate crypto Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their process.



This is somewhat the most recognized and well respected crypto Artificial Intelligence (AI) project in the space. Unlike a many of ICO’s the team already has working prototypes to leverage off, at least from an Artificial Intelligence (AI) standpoint. SingularityNET is most importantly the blockchain arm of Hanson Robotics. Their Artificial Intelligence robot, Sophia, has been featured on a number of television shows and even made an appearance at the United Nations.

By implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) into blockchain, SingularityNET aims to create the first AI-as-a-Service platform. The team has released quite a reputable number of Sophia’s AI modules to the public under an open source license. Also, anyone with the skills can create AI services and monetize them on the platform with the use of AGI token.



This is a different type of crypto Artificial Intelligence (AI), Autonio is a self-proclaimed decentralized Artificial Intelligence trading application for cryptocurrencies. The application enables you to create your own trading algorithms and try them on a number of cryptocurrency pairs. Algorithms that achieve a consistent weekly return of 10% or even more can be sold to other traders on the platform. Apart from the token sale of NIO that raised about $50,000, the company also generates revenue from a monthly $50 subscription service.

This application enables you to connect to most major exchanges including Bittrex, Binance and Bitstamp. Predictable trading algorithms are rapidly becoming a saturated market in the crypto space. Automated trading has long been a feature on Wall Street. In an interview on Real Vision TV, notable crypto investor Mark Yusko highlighted how more than 80% of all trading these days is done by machines.



DateCoin and it’s token DTC want to be the next Tinder or OKcupid but, this is rather on the blockchain. The project claims that by implementing dating into the blockchain network they can tackle core problems of other platforms such as fake accounts and advertising bots. How do they intend to go about this? With neural networks and face recognition technology. That means integrating blockchain identification system, which is a tall order considering projects, the likes of Civic and SelfKey are already well ahead in the race for that market.

Online dating is a very lucrative business so the potential is certainly there. Machine learning programs have already proven that they can outplay the best Go and Chess players in the world, but can they provide more efficient matches in the dating scene? We are yet to know. In the meantime, the project may want to brush up on their marketing skills.



Artificial intelligence and automation is not a news neither is it a future trend. It is already here and affecting our everyday lives. For instance, Amazon has over 100,000 warehouse robots collecting, organizing, and shipping goods around the world. Just like every new technology, Artificial Intelligence is just a tool. It is not inherently good or bad. At the end, it all boils down to the intentions of the creators and users of that technology.

Although, a large majority of Artificial Intelligence (AI) infused cryptocurrency projects are already putting their focus on predictive markets. But as the adage goes, “The only sure things in this world are death and taxes.” Predicting markets is somewhat not the best use of this technology.

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