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Former executive at financial services giant Fidelity Investments has been appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) at blockchain infrastructure firm Bloq.

The Bloq’s new Chief Operating Officer (COO) Hadley Stern, spent seventeen years at Fidelity, which administers an estimated 7.2 trillion dollars in client assets. His most recent role was at the helm of the crypto and blockchain incubator within the company’s innovation lab, Fidelity labs overseeing the launch last week of its new crypto business and Fidelity Digital Assets.

Bloq’s co-founder and chairman Matthew Roszak characterized the new appointment as the increase in entwinement of the world of “conventional” enterprises and the emerging cryptocurrency sector




Bloq helps corporations build blockchain platforms such as Bitcoin Wallet. And it also enterprise-class, blockchain solutions while supporting innovation in the blockchain and open source ecosystem.


Matthew Roszak, a co-founder and chairman of Bloq, in his word called Hardley Stern a “fearless innovator”.

“As the shared surface area between conventional enterprises and the world of cryptocurrency increases, there will be absolutely no better partner than Hadley for this role as we pursue continued, rapid growth in our business”, he also added.


Before joining Bloq, Hardley Stern had occupied various roles for Fidelity Investments. His most recent position was as senior vice president and managing director of Fidelity Labs, which is indeed a very big achievement and also helped in leading the company’s efforts to birth Fidelity Digital Assets, among other things/achievements.


His new role at Bloq would see him help the team operationalize client engagements, “ensure consistent and quality delivery and provide guidance” for the firm’s strategic product direction.

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